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The Apavia® HydroMax™ filtration system offers extended water filtration for your entire dental office. With four configuration options, the system is tailored for specific water treatment needs, whether municipal or well water sources. LEARN MORE


The Apavia® UltraMax™ uses a membrane filtration process where water is pushed through a physical filter with a transmembrane pressure supplied by a pump or gravity. Water passes through the membrane pores and disperses effectively retaining suspended solids, viruses and bacteria on the outside of the membrane, preventing them from entering the service lines. LEARN MORE


The Apavia® Amalgam Separator boasts a high containment capacity for extended service and pump life, cutting-edge cyclonic design with rapid velocity and waste capture. There are less parts, reducing potential leak and failure points and a fully molded design offering a clear view of the system in action. LEARN MORE


The National Institute of Health has recorded that up to 65% of all microbial infections are caused by biofilm. Biofilm creates a shield protecting bacteria, cysts, fungi and parasites against most common disinfectants. The EcoMax™ system offers a powerful, naturally safe alternative that destroys the risk of these infection and disease-causing threats as well as disinfectant-resistant strains. LEARN MORE