The Apavia® FilterMax® XRO-Series Water Purification System works as a cost-effective, sanitary replacement for independent water bottle jugs and is perfect for healthcare offices with autoclaves. The patent-pending system operates within the existing water line, which reduces the risk of contamination of surgical equipment, patients and staff.

image_filtermax_open_3The XRO-Series Water Purification System does not use chemicals, which means that it is an environmentally friendly answer for maintaining water quality. This system comes standard with built-in backflow prevention technology and can easily connect to a municipal water supply.


How Much is that Bottled Water Really Costing You?
From the moment water is placed in plastic bottles, to when it reaches your office, there are numerous opportunities for impurities to find their way into your bottle. With this water reaching not only your equipment but your patients as well, your office demands fresh, pure water.

Maintaining a fresh supply of bottled water for your office can also be expensive. Add in the heavy lifting, and water bottles can prove to be more costly to your office than just the money you paid for them.


Dimensions: 9.75” (W) x 15.56” (D) x 15.50” (H)
Weight (dry): 28 lb.
Inlet Water Pressure: 40 – 80 psi
Inlet Temperature: 55 – 100°F
Optimal Inlet Temperature: 77°F
Input Iron: < 0.3 ppm
RO Tank Capacity: 2 gallons
Warranty: 1 year limited