image_purmax_dentistThe reusable Apavia® PurMax® Drinking Water System housings minimize waste and maximize savings. Once the internal, long-life cartridge reaches maximum usage, the quarter turn release disconnect shuts off the water supply for easy maintenance and replacement. No spills and no lost time!

The PurMax® systems connect directly to the cold water faucet for full flow filtration; providing your office instant, refreshingly clean water that is better for your equipment, dental lines and drinking needs. So ditch the bottles and jugs, and allow the PurMax® system to treat municipal and well water lines.

The Best Filtration Available

Our AMB filters, are made of a matrix of activated carbons, crystalline mono and di‐calcium phosphates and chemically active calcium carbonate, all structurally bound into an interchangeable anti-microbial porous block. In other words, our filters adsorb organic substances, heavy metals and pollutants to make your water as clean and great-tasting as possible! The PurMax® is ideal for the improvement of the unpleasant taste of chlorine and chloromine, while attacking metals, ammonia and other odors in the water lines of your dental water system.
Activated carbon is recognized by the EPA as the best available control technology for many contaminants including: lead, chlorine, chloramine, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, arsenic and many others.